Evisceration / Enucleation

These delicate procedures involve the full or partial removal of a diseased or damaged eye to alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications. Our compassionate team is committed to providing meticulous care and guiding you toward healing and recovery.

What is Evisceration / Enucleation?

Evisceration and Enucleation are surgical procedures performed to remove a diseased or damaged eye. While Enucleation refers to the removal of the entire eyeball, leaving the eye muscles and orbital contents intact, Evisceration involves the removal of the eye’s contents, leaving the sclera, or white part of the eye, and the eye muscles in place.

The Procedure

Both procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia. In enucleation, after the eye has been carefully removed, an orbital implant is placed into the socket to replace the volume of the removed eye.

For evisceration, after the eye contents have been removed, an implant is usually placed within the remaining sclera. The eye muscles are then attached to the implant to allow it to move.

In both procedures, a temporary clear plastic shell is placed over the implant to protect the area, and a custom-made artificial eye (ocular prosthesis) is fitted about two months after surgery.


Although the loss of an eye can be emotionally difficult for many patients, these procedures can significantly alleviate severe pain in a blind eye, treat aggressive eye diseases or injuries, and help prevent the spread of cancer. They also lay the groundwork for an artificial eye, which can closely resemble a natural one.


The alternatives to evisceration and enucleation often depend on the specific condition of the eye. For certain cases, treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or alternative surgical procedures may be possible. It’s crucial to discuss all potential options with your ophthalmologist.

We urge patients to discuss any concerns with their surgeon, to ensure peace of mind prior to proceeding with surgery.

Evisceration / Enucleation Before & After

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